Learn to Run – Week 1

The program is 10 weeks with class after work on Mondays and two more running sessions during the week. Monday always starts with a 20 minute talk on a different running or fitness topic.

There are only 6 in the class and they’re all women as is the instructor. I’m the eldest by about 10 years. Adrenaline and some “way to go — you’re doing it!” endorphins. Happy times.

This week we start with running for one minute and walking for two minutes and do that a total of 10 times. Starting with a couple of minutes of warm up walking and a similar cool down walk at the end means the whole running thing will be over in about 35 minutes.

Omygod, omygod, omygod, omygod, omygod, omygod! I thought I was gonna die! (And at this age that is a distinct possibility!)

What had completely slipped my mind was cardio-pulmonary fitness. I had been all hip all the time and completely forgot how completely, totally and utterly out of shape I was. My fitness level was zero and I had no idea how low zero really was.

And the hip hurt — well not really hurt, it was just sore LIKE EVERYTHING ELSE IN MY BODY. Got home and somehow convinced my poor legs to lift me up the stairs of the deck and get into the house. They were rewarded with an extra-strength ibuprofen and an Epsom salts bath. (I don’t know how or why Epsom salts work, I just know they do. Thank you, Jesus.)

Went to bed knowing I had actually done something and was moving in a good direction … and that I got to do it all over again on Wednesday after work. Oy.