Week 3 – Lord have Mercy!

Run two minutes and walk one minute. Six times.

I remember training for 10K distance. In order to stay physically safe from injury, you don’t want to increase your total weekly distance by more than 10% at a time. This week we’re DOUBLING it! (Mind you if we did 10% we’d be increasing our time by six seconds, which probably won’t aid in the quest for endurance very much.)

Holy Hannah! Two minutes lasts for freaking ever and the one minute walk is only ten seconds long. I am not happy. My middle-age self is putting one foot in front of the other, slowly. It’s a blessing I’m as slow as I am, cuz I really don’t want to inflict anyone with watching me from behind. The one saving grace is we’re only doing six repetitions and not ten. The classes are calculated to include about 20 minutes of exercise, give or take about 5 minutes. But that isn’t what one considers while staring at the stop watch that feels like it should read 1:45 and actually reads 0:33.

Heavy breathing. From day one there’s been heavy breathing, but this doubling of the running time has brought my heart and lung health (and tolerance) to the forefront of my mind. I think of those weight loss reality shows where the poor schmoes had to keep working unless they passed out or started throwing up. I wasn’t throwing up or even close to it nor was I light-headed, so I guessed I was going to live. I had good circulation, I was just really out of shape.

This week brought a new realization to my home life. I had energy. I was getting stuff done around the house without having to nag at myself to get off the sofa and do something. Hmmm. This is a good thing.

But next week is running for 3 minutes. And my inner self started to freak out a little bit. Then I remembered I used to go for a run for a couple of hours so why was I so scared of 3 little minutes? Because it was an increase of 50% over this past week? Yeah. Because the heart and lungs would have to work that much harder? Yeah.

I ran my 2 and 1 homework with a new appreciation in anticipation of the 3 minute milestone!