Dealing with the Weight

Now that I have a dependable and enjoyable source of exercise and fitness, I will begin efforts to drop some more weight.

I had joined Weight Watchers for about 2 years and had lost 30 pounds. I was working on the next 25 when they changed their brand to WW and shifted their focus from weight loss to healthy eating. Their points system changed and I put on 15 pounds. The most obvious thing to me was the new seeming disregard of caloric intake.

The former points system worked for me. It was healthy eating and I changed a lot of habits for the better, but following the new system let me play the zero points game with foods that should never be considered “have as much as you want.” Like lentils. Great healthy food, nutritious and excellent source of fibre. They also have nearly 400 calories for 1/2 cup. Zero points. Things like this made it very easy to stay on the plan with a halo over my head while the pounds came back on.

Of course there was no access to the old points system once the switch happened, so I had to resign my membership. I have managed to maintain my current weight since and use My Fitness Pal to make sure I’m on track.

That being said, I am going to re-commit to starting serious weight loss efforts with the My Fitness Pal app next week (it’s Canadian Thanksgiving and until the leftovers are gone, it’s pointless to start).

Yes, you can be fit and fat. My doctor even told me she didn’t care how much I weighed as long as I was eating properly. And thanks to the initial Weight Watchers system, I have learned what that is and how I can enjoy eating healthily (even if I do a bit more of it than I should =^D).