Why Running?

If you’ve tried it and you don’t like it, try other activities to see which clicks with you. Give each activity a fair try — depending on how sedentary you are, the first few weeks are (or should be) tough — before casting it aside. You want to find something you like so much you look forward to your next exercise day. It should be a happy time — a time of achievement — an opportunity to get closer to the goal.

I had some pretty awful teachers in school and learned not to like team sports. (There’s always that interdependency and lack of control that I didn’t care for (or understand) at that age that probably had a lot to do with it too.) One reason I loved tennis is that it was up to me to do the work. I didn’t have to trust someone else who might not have been up to the task. I had only myself to blame. But enough of this self-analysis … Running for fitness has no opponent – you’re running against your earlier self to show growth.

Running needs one thing – a pair of shoes. You can do it anywhere. There is no official time limit. As long as you have clothes to take care of your modesty you can participate in running. It’s cheap. No memberships required, no travel to the club or the gym or wherever. The only thing you need to ensure you have the best you can afford is the shoe. Truly. Shin splints can be caused by shoes, your running form can be affected by your shoe. Your continuing ability to partake in running can be affected by your shoe. Get your stride and foot analyzed and get the proper shoe for your foot. Probably cost you in the neighbourhood of $100 CDN give or take $20. Shoes last around 500 miles (+/- 800 km).

The rest of the available gear is for your vanity for the most part. During this process I bought a running bra for the first time in my life. I’ve never spent that much money on a bra before, but it turns out my girls aren’t bouncing around like a couple of cantaloupe in a mesh bag when I run now. So that was a win for me. The rest of the stuff, like a t-shirt for $60 is ridiculous (especially when it contains a logo that advertises for the people who get a part of that money). I don’t like to pay money to advertise for someone else. That’s completely backwards – they should pay me to wear their advertising.

Once you’re so established that you are entering races to win, you probably need some of the fancier gear. As long as you’re just getting yourself fit and happy, your wallet can stay shut after the shoes and you’ll do just as well. (You can always ask for some special stuff for Christmas or birthdays. 😉 )

Running, besides being one of my favourite activities that gets me around neighbourhoods to check out landscaping or architecture, also burns calories like nobody’s business! The rule of thumb is about 100 calories burned per mile. Sometimes that mile takes 12 minutes or longer, sometimes for the younger folk it might only take 4 or 5 minutes. (It’s also affected by sex and weight, so just use it as a round number and not an exact measure for you.)